Susie has been a devoted participant and member of CRPS community for over 18 years. She can testify that Dr. Atlin has been state of art for application of science for this disease. With Dr. Atlin’s treatment and care, Susie continues to experience remarkable pain relief and an active life with her husband and kids. Dr. Atlin and I have known each other for maybe a bit longer than we care to remember, but what he did for me back then–was save my life. My pain doctor at the time referred me to him to see if a pain pump (intrathecal pump) might be beneficial. The pump trial was a success. I felt pain relief that I couldn’t believe! So after considering the risks and benefits, I proceeded to have it implanted permanently. Dr. Atlin is technically very good at the procedures and surgeries he does in this field. His surgical ability is something that people need to be able to trust as pumps and spinal cord simulators involve surgery in and around the spine. He also provided many other procedures in the surgical suite. The pump gave me my life back. Not anywhere near the life I had PRE – CRPS, (I don’t want to lead anyone on) BUT certainly I was able to raise my kids and be an active part of their lives. Since then I’ve had 3 pumps along with numerous procedures/blocks to help with the pain, plus everything CRPS does to a person

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